First Studio Session

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We just wrapped up our first studio session at The Record Company, where we spent the last three days tracking all of the bass and drums, as well as a few keyboard parts. Working 12-hour-days, we were able to complete the backbone of 11 tracks. Needless to say, it was an amazing and exhausting weekend.

DSC_0883 Drum Sheets Bass GraveyardAndrew played drums like a machine, hardly ever departing from the metronome. His twin brother David, was only able to be with us in the studio for a short time, so we took advantage of his skills and put him to work on the grand piano, synthesizer, and the CP-70. Justin has been producing each song with thoughtful sincerity, always keeping us focused on what will serve the individual track.  Sam JC Lee has been quick as lightning, making sure every microphone is set just right and ready to go. Bobby came by daily, providing us with feedback as well as a fresh way of listening to the songs. Scotland was gracious enough to bike in the snow and capture some of the process on camera (see his studio pictures here). Even Afshaan and Katie showed up, walking three miles to visit us with provisions in tow!

This is the best team a man could ask for. I found myself, more than a few times this weekend, thinking “I am so blessed not to be doing this alone!”  True, most of this album is comprised of songs that have been running through my mind for quite some time. Yet beyond that, I see this entire process as a monument to community. Each person stacking on top of the other, creating something remarkable.

And I am truly grateful to be a part of it .

Stayed tuned for more from our time in the studio.





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