Instrumental Tracking Done On the Rev Full-Length

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 in News, Rev Record, Studio | No Comments

Keyboard Kingdom

We have finally finished up with tracking at The Record Company here in Boston. The last six days have really put a lot of life into the record, building upon the foundation that we laid down our first three days. We came up with some interesting sounds using the in-house baby grand, the Fender Rhodes, the KORG R-3 synthesizer, NORD sampler, as well as a small stage organ (see above). We have created a sound blanket that covers each and every song, doing our best to make sure each track has keys and guitars that stand out while complimenting each other. Let’s just say, feedback will make a few appearances on the full-length.

Anyway, we are getting excited about what this album is turning into!

Next up, vocals… (yikes!)



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