Why Does This Record Matter?

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 in Musings, Rev Record | No Comments

Joyful RevIn every artistic endeavor, I believe it is important to ask the question “Why?”  Do we simply create as a natural outpouring of who we are as humans? Is it a part of something bigger? Just something to pass the time?

We could ponder the creative purpose of humans forever if we care to. I will spare you an exhaustive list at this present time, but when it comes to the reasons why I want to make this upcoming record, it can be boiled down to one word.


I take immense joy in taking the raw substances of word, sound, and melody and mashing them together to make the soul shift just a little bit. Songs carry weight like nothing else. With very little effort a song can invade your ears, snake through your brain, and arrive at your soul. The best part is, the listener can do very little about it..!  I guess deep down in every person there is a desire to be heard. The songwriter is no different and creates for this purpose: they want people to listen. The message, whatever it might be, is wrapped up and presented to the listener as a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

I guess the reason that we have gone through all this work to write music, raise money, and work on this record, is for you, the listeners. You are the ones that will be excited, repulsed, moved, comforted, or any number of other feelings when you hear it. You are the ones that will open the gifts on this album. You are the ones who will see what the songs have to say.

And this is what I take joy in: you, listening.


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