Instrumental Tracking Done On the Rev Full-Length

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We have finally finished up with tracking at The Record Company here in Boston. The last six days have really put a lot of life into the record, building upon the foundation that we laid down our first three days. We came up with some interesting sounds using the in-house baby grand, the Fender Rhodes, […]

First Studio Session

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We just wrapped up our first studio session at The Record Company, where we spent the last three days tracking all of the bass and drums, as well as a few keyboard parts. Working 12-hour-days, we were able to complete the backbone of 11 tracks. Needless to say, it was an amazing and exhausting weekend. Andrew […]

Why Does This Record Matter?

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 in Musings, Rev Record | No Comments

In every artistic endeavor, I believe it is important to ask the question “Why?”  Do we simply create as a natural outpouring of who we are as humans? Is it a part of something bigger? Just something to pass the time? We could ponder the creative purpose of humans forever if we care to. I […]

Pre-Production Weekend in NH

Posted on Nov 23, 2012 in News, Rev Record, Studio | No Comments

This past weekend (Thursday-Sunday, Nov 15-18), Andrew, Justin, and I (Kevin) had the opportunity to stay a few days on Lake Winnipesaukee as a band. We spent our time playing music, drinking coffee, playing (more) music, canoeing, lighting fires, playing (even more) music, hiking, watching Empire Strikes Back, falling asleep to Empire Strikes Back, and playing yet […]

House Show

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Earlier this year, Reverend had the chance to throw a house show at the Antler Manor in Dorchester, MA. We love playing house shows. There is a sense of immediacy and intimacy that you can’t quite get any where else. At this particular show, we experimented with the our usual line up. Kevin was on […]


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